Information Security

PCGURU customers will now have access to the industry’s best cyber security practices, with the company’s strategic IT support team now being led by a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

The CISSP certification is a globally recognised professional requirement in the IT Security domain, which PCGURU will use to ensure the protection of client networks, infrastructure and computer systems.

This pro-active approach to IT security keeps PCGURU ahead of the increasing potential threats facing the IT world and will allow us to provide specialist cyber security measures to our customers.

PCGURU can offer the following security services:

  • Design, build and maintain a secure IT environment for organisations using globally approved Information Security standards.
  • Create restricted access controls based on employee role designation to protect internal business data.
  • Provide consulting and auditing services to identify a company’s current security posture and implement strategies to improve IT security and safety.
  • Inspect systems and network processes for security updates.
  • Introduce department-specific or company-wide information security policies, standards, procedures and guidelines.
  • Review security devices and software to ensure protection of company products and information.
  • Improve internal security awareness with a top-down approach.

For more information or to discuss your cyber security requirements please call PCGURU on 1300 724 878.

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