How To Use Google’s Apps Without Getting Spied On

Google has a lot of helpful free apps available, but it comes at a cost of privacy. Gmail is great for emails, but you receive targeted ads. Google Maps is one of the best map applications, but you have to hand up your location privacy…

Here’s some of the best ways to keep using Google’s apps without getting constantly spied on.

1. Sign out of your account / app once you are finished using it, so that you can’t be constantly tracked.

2. Turn off activity tracking, so that Google doesn’t store your activity between its applications.

3. Customise Google’s ads by turning off Ads Personalisation, so that ads aren’t targeted.

If you want to complete these steps, just remember that you’ll be choosing between convenience and privacy. If you want to look up directions quickly without having to key in your login details. Or if you want Google to suggest directions to your favourite location before searching for it, then you’re going to have to put up with personalised ads or location tracking too.

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