Cloud Backups

Whether you’re a home user or a business owner, losing your data can be devastating.

Imagine; all your documents, music, videos, photos, business and accounting data gone and not retrievable!

It could be very costly to get your data back, IF you can get it back.


Statistics show that the most common cause of data loss is:

  • Hardware failure (40%)
  • Human error (29%)
  • Software corruption (13%)
  • Theft (9%)
  • Computer viruses (6%)
  • Hardware destruction (3%)
  • 35% of computer users have NEVER backed up their computer
  • 51% of computer users backup less than once a year

Backing up your data is a must. Backing up your data is so important that Governments worldwide have started imposing regulations on businesses to ensure safe data retention.

We support a wide range of Cloud Backup Solutions for various business needs and have the ability to custom design a solution using available technologies that will suit your company and requirements perfectly. Contact us for more info.