About Us


PCGURU is a wholly owned and operated Western Australian business.

Our staff have been providing the very best in customer relationships and IT problem management in the Personal, Small Business, Corporate and Government sector for almost 20 years.

PCGURU does very little mass-media advertising (apart from our outrageously bright Rapid Response Cars!) and has grown to where it is today based primarily on word of mouth. The time has now come for PCGURU to take its strong customer-focused ethic out to a much wider audience.

Today, very few professional support teams are willing to provide top notch support services to the “smaller end of town”. We’re changing that. We understand that Home users and Small & Medium businesses need just as much help, support, advice and assistance as any larger organisation.

PCGURU is a team of many different people – but we all have two things in common – a thorough love of technology and an absolute commitment to providing honest advice and appropriate solutions.